Eyemagnet was founded in 2005 providing a place-based digital media and technology solution to retail and enterprise customers. Paul Treacy and Steve Castellotti sensed a dramatic change in the way businesses could interact with customers whilst “on-premise.”

Paul leveraged his vast experience in developing, managing and integrating teams, companies and technology solutions to deliver complex media on a world leading global media platform.

Take control of your venue

Manage a full marketing, interactive mobile and broadcast TV experience from anywhere, to anything, at any time. We assist in reflecting a client's brand message in brilliant colour through LED store frontage, in-store television and content-managed mobile devices. Eyemagnet is a software and media services company headquartered in New Zealand with offices in Sydney and San Francisco. Eyemagnet is at the forefront of the out-of-home media industry with proven solutions and cloud-based distribution technology. This is built on over 15 years of experience encompassing digital signage, touch screens, IPTV and mobile/tablet interactivity. Our key differentiator in the rapidly growing market is the innovation, power and flexibility behind Eyemagnet's core software.

We deliver what we promise

Eyemagnet is a full service provider ensuring that you have the support, communications and technology to deliver any solution that you require. Our customers trust us because we are there to make it happen. Our solutions are easily one of the most flexible and expandable solutions on the market. There is no room in today's market for dead-ends and limitations with your brand and marketing. With Eyemagnet, you can be assured that we can deliver what we promise. Eyemagnet's family of products are predominantly software based and designed from the ground up to provide powerful, yet flexible solutions.

Why we do what we do

A recent Nielsen report states that people are watching more TV than ever before - 34 hours every week. TV isn't only about home viewership anymore. Consumers are demanding television content anywhere, anytime. Studies show that 44% of media consumption takes place outside the home. Traditional marketing is losing its luster. Studies show that consumers are over 12 times more receptive to interactive ads than still billboards. (Source: PQ Media). Mobile Internet users are projected to outnumber PC Internet users in 2015. (Source: MobiDot) Online advertising revenue will increase by 61% (Source: IDC) and mobile marketers plan to increase their spend by 59% in 2012 (Source: Association of National Advertisers).

Management Team