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Total control of your content

Media management at it's best

The Blackedge content management interface enables ultimate control of your media and the creation of complex scheduling. Blackedge selects and schedules what, how and when it is displayed.

Blackedge controls:
- Video, static images, slideshows, web content
- News Feeds
- Weather widgets
- Internal news & promotion
- Content storage & replay
- Social media streams

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Content distribution is a strength of the Eyemagnet offering. Our platform ensures remote, co-ordinated and secure distribution of the media to the client’s network. This internet or cloud-based solution delivers the media along with its own playlist and relevant information to ensure that the media knows when and where it is supposed to play.

Our platform was designed from the ground up to understand the rigours and risks associated with connecting and operating via the internet, meaning everything we do is secure, reliable and robust.

Device control

The Blackedge interface also features a built-in control system to manage real-time device state – the console displays device and system information and provides scheduling control for all endpoints on the network.

The control system seamlessly integrates with additional services to form a fully-featured and centralised solution. Alongside the Eyemagnet reporting tool, the console displays detailed device uptime, proof of play and other campaign metrics. The dashboards are all remotely accessible in order to allow for scheduling control and reporting on any device either on or off-site.

Alongside the content management system and reporting tool, Eyemagnet’s control system offers a powerful and unified media delivery solution.